An expressive Clojure client for Riak

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Work with Clojure data structures. No unnecessary abstractions. Simple and easy.


Welle has very low overhead over the Riak Java client thanks to heavy use of Clojure 1.3+ features (namely protocols)

Automatic Serialization

Just tell Welle content type of the data you store and it will automatically serialize and deserialize it (for popular formats: JSON, Clojure reader, gzipped JSON, UTF-8 text)

Modern Riak Features

Besides fundamental K/V operations, Welle supports secondary indexes, counters, Riak Search, map/reduce, link walking, both HTTP and Protocol Buffers transports

Batteries Included

Welle makes it easier to do map/reduce with JavaScript resources, provides a clojure.core.cache implementation on top of Riak, a Ring session store and more

Built for the Future

Built from the ground up for Clojure 1.3+. Tested against 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 master snapshots.